Recruitement - ABOUT
MINA Holdings invites international interns to join our dynamic young company.

The IBR&D Institute is built on a 'hub' model of creative and intelligent brains – basically, dedicated interns who are willing to teach and learn from one another.

Most of our projects are business research projects,and so we are looking for well-rounded, sociable, intuitive and motivated interns from any field that could complement our research capacity and search for insights.

We are always on the lookout for excellence from across a number distinct sectors to bring together on teams of various skills. From business and marketing development skills, to graphic design or communications skills. We also specifically recuit interns that are skilled in property development or economics skill-sets, Development Studies or Urban Planning, liberal arts, or hold business management or investment degrees.   

Projects are lead by one or two interns who hold specific skills in the given area. All other interns however are available to work on the project.

Each project will have a number of interns working on it, some in leadership roles and others as support, ultimately giving each intern the opportunity to work as a leader, as well as supporting staff during their time at MINA.

The IBR&D Institute is built on a ‘brainstorm’ model where appointed project leaders regularly present their work to the multidisciplinary group as a whole. The group then gets the opportunity to review the progress and suggest ways in which the project might develop further. As some interns might want to contribute to various projects, they are then invited to join each project at various stages.

The institute opens up the possibility for international interns to work on exiting, cutting-edge projects in a dynamic environment, whilst being in the heart of the mother city and experiencing South African life first hand.